The “Long Island Iced Tea” your local bartender serves is a great drink, but don’t let the name fool you; it’s not even close to a true tea cocktail. A Long Island Iced Tea won’t improve one’s eyesight as Blueberry Tea allegedly can, and it’s more likely to get a person drunk in a single glass rather than attain a simple sedative effect.  Traditional, simplistic, and socially-sophisticated, tea cocktails are delicious drinks that are easy to make and suitable to drink alone or serve at a function.
While a tea cocktail is simply any form of gourmet tea with a bit of alcohol mixed in into it, there’s more to making just the right tea cocktail than one might originally suspect. There are as many forms of gourmet tea cocktail as there are forms of tea, with more being created by the year; even by the day. For example, the Royal Tea Cocktail was invented by Beefeater Gin in honor of Oscar-nominated film The Queen and Helen Mirren’s subsequent Oscar-win for Best Actress.  Even in the case of Royal Tea, the ingredients aren’t completely simple, as the beverage requires the right amount of lemon juice, sugar, lime wheels, and Earl Gray Tea.
An individual might get away with simply using the Earl Gray Tea and Beefeater Gin, but the taste will be noticeably flat and frankly, it will be a very unimpressive beverage.
For tea cocktail beginners, start with the gourmet traditional Blueberry Tea cocktail. To begin a Blueberry Tea concoction, first, put the ice away. Blueberry Tea is always served hot and this improves its taste twofold. Blueberry Tea will require 1 oz. of two of your favorite liqueurs, though Grand Marnier and Amaretto are the most often used with Blueberry Tea. Prepare and heat the tea of your choice with, and pour the liqueurs and tea into a glass if you intend to drink it immediately, but a brandy snifter is always the preferred choice. A snifter will condense the alcohol and tea fumes, allowing the Blueberry Tea to retain its flavor. Shaking it up isn’t the best idea. If it’s your first time making Blueberry Tea cocktail, taste it before you drink, then decide if it needs a sugar, lemon, or lime for flavoring.
However, if a person is entertaining for a party is looking for the right mix of sophistication, gourmet taste, and exoticism, they can never go wrong with ever-popular Tea Martini cocktail. The Tea Martini has become so popular within the past 30 years, that the serving of Tea Martini and the exchanging of Tea Martini recipes have been the focus of parties around the world. Tea Martini cocktails can be made in any number of ways, but here’s the simplest. Prepare Green Iced Tea, then infuse 1/3 of your choice of vodka, though Vodka plain might be the best when starting off. Add in three drops of lemon juice, stir, and there you have it. True Tea Martini recipes can be far more complicated, but rest assured, they’re worthwhile after you become the “go-to” person on how to make great gourmet drinks at a party.
Recipes for tea cocktails are a hot commodity among “in-crowds” worldwide, and with a genuine interest in making tea cocktails coupled with creativity when making these lauded beverages, a person might find themselves within one of these oft-partying circles.